Life of a Car Salesman
The Games We Play

A very unreasonable customer just wouldn’t work with the salesman to get to an agreeable deal. Before the customer left the salesman decided to play a game:

Salesman: It looks like we aren’t gonna be able to earn your business today, but before you go we are having a contest, follow me. (Leads the customer to a vehicle in the showroom) If you can guess the exact number of car JACKS that can fit in this trunk you win.

Customer: (After looking all around the inside of the trunk) 243.

Salesman: WOW!!! I can’t believe it, nobody has ever gotten that close. You were 1 JACK OFF.

Customer: NO WAY!!! Really?!

Salesman: Yeah, that’s crazy. Hey guys, this guy was a JACK OFF!! 

(All the other salesman cheer)

Salesman 2: You almost got it?

Customer: Yeah, I was 1 JACK OFF.

Getting the customer to call themselves a JACK OFF should come with some sort of award.

Fun with words

A customer is completely hung up on the color of his new vehicle, seemingly inflexible about his color choices the salesman decides to have a little fun:

Salesman: I understand color is extremely important to you, but let me ask you a question. Would you say color is the top priority or the bottom dollar is more important.

Customer: Well obviously the price is important.

Salesman: Ok, let me ask you this: if I could save you some money, would you be willing to take one in the BROWN?

Customer: Well it would have to be a good deal, but maybe.

Salesman: You know it’s really not that bad, some people prefer it in the BROWN.

Customer: Really?

Salesman: Yeah. Let’s see if we can make it work and save you some money for taking it in the BROWN. Fair enough?

Customer: Alright.


I’ve been in and around car sales my entire life. It’s a strange business, with it’s own language and outlook on the world. I’ve often thought about how weird it would seem to an outsider, so I am going to find out.

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